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Sumner Preschool

Pebbles Montessori Sumner (0-3) operates from a beautifully renovated villa at 48 Nayland St, Sumner. We are licensed for 47 tamariki aged 0 – 5 years and are open every day from 8.00am –5.30pm, to include school holidays. We embrace the Montessori philosophy and are guided by our early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki.


Our inside and outside environments offer 2 separate areas which can also be connected as one space, to offer children the opportunity of playing alongside different age groups and meeting up with siblings and friends.


The Kea Room can have a maximum of 24 children aged 3 months to 2.5 years with 5 teachers. Our preferred teacher ratios in the Kea Room are 1:4 for children under 2 and 1:6 for children over 2 years. We offer an introduction to the Montessori philosophy in the Kea Room, with practical life activities set up in the environment along with activities and resources to inspire every child. 


Within the Kea Room, we have a "Pukeko Nest" for tamariki who are not yet walking. This is an inside and outside area clearly visible from the Kea Room which offers our younger children a place to feel safe and secure, whilst still being part of the Kea Room. Our preferred teacher:child ratio in the Pukeko Nest is 1:3.


The Tui Room can have a maximum of 23 children aged 2 years to 3.5 years with 3 teachers. Our preferred teacher:child ratios in the Tui Room are 1:6, 2:12 and 3:23. The Tui Room is fully equipped as a Montessori classroom and our experienced and passionate teachers support a daily plan to include a daily Montessori work cycle.


Our Tui children will transition in 'pods of 4' to Pebbles Montessori Sumner (2-6). Our oldest tamariki will visit the 'sister centre' every fortnight as an excursion and will be familiar with the teaching team, the tamariki and the daily routines to ensure a smooth and settled transition. 



• Teaching tamariki to be compassionate and empathetic
• Supporting our whānau and community
• Showing kindness, aroha and love
• We want everyone to feel they have a place here
NELPs Objective 2

Taha Hinengara
• Mental and emotional wellbeing
• Embracing our own and others independence
• Holistic wellbeing, physical & mental facets are intertwined
• All feeling valued and being heard promotes learning
• Building a culture of trust and respect
• A platform for growth and learning
NELPs Objective 6

• Taking responsibility for our planet
• Respect for our natural resources
• Being aware of local and global environmental sustainability
NELPs Objective 1

• Embracing multiculturalism and diversity
• Shared sense of belonging
• Collaborating with whānau, tamariki and kaiako
• Supporting each other as one family
NELPs Objective 3

• Building trust and confidence
• The importance of relationships with children, whānau and kaiako
• Reciprocal and positive relationships
• Connection and collaboration
NELPs Objective 5

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