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Working with Others

We believe that the best way to meet your expectations is by working closely with you to provide the best education and care for your child. We aim to create an open door policy for parents and whānau so we can work together in achieving positive learning outcomes for your child. Parents and whānau are invited both formally and informally to contribute to their child’s experiences at Pebbles. We will keep you updated with what is happening at Pebbles via the whiteboard outside for daily news, and emails via Educa and the website for general information. We appreciate your input and value your say. Please feel free to talk to us or email at any time.


Enrolment is finalised upon completion of the enrolment form and the fee schedule. We also ask to sight and copy your child’s birth certificate and immunisation records. Please inform staff of any relevant changes to your enrolment details. It is crucial we have up to date information. There will be a small fee charged for any new enrolments. 


Settling In and Arrival

Please feel free to visit as often as you like before your child starts in order to help with the transition. We would expect a minimum of two visits before your child starts at Pebbles. On arrival, please sign your child in and encourage your child to put their named lunch box, morning and a named drink bottle on the lunch box shelf. Please encourage your child to select a cubby hole for their coat and bag. All of your child’s belongings will be stored in the cubby hole. If your child feels the need to bring in a toy from home, please put this in your child’s cubby hole.


Social Competence

Our early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki, supports children’s developing social competence and understanding of appropriate behaviour and all behaviour modification strategies will reflect this. We believe it is very important to promote self esteem and that there are three main areas of self esteem: Existence-they are affirmed as significant individuals, Accomplishment-they take pride in their efforts and achievement, Failure-they learn that failing and losing is not the end of the world and can be a valuable learning opportunity to grow and attempt things differently next time.


Diverse Needs

It is important that we fully understand the needs of your child when they start at the centre. All children with diverse needs should be identified on the enrolment form and discussed with the Centre Manager at the time of enrolment. This information will be passed on to the teaching team and will be recorded as appropriate. If you are at all concerned about your child please make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your child’s key teacher or Centre Manager. If we are at all concerned about your child, the Centre Manager or key teacher will make a time to meet with you.

Healthy Eating

Please ensure your child has plenty of healthy choices in their lunchbox.  Pebbles is nut free and we  would like to encourage healthy eating. All food for the fridge should be named and placed in the kai tray on top of the lunch shelf. We are happy to re-heat food, please ensure the food is in a named dish and placed in the kai tray for the fridge. All rubbish and uneaten food will be returned in the lunchbox.


The Programme

The core values and principles of Maria Montessori influence our programme at Pebbles. They emphasize that children are intrinsically motivated and they will succeed when their learning activities incorporate movement and opportunities for independence. Furthermore, children will become self-disciplined when they are empowered to choose learning activities designed for specific developmental and learning needs. Our classrooms are prepared learning environments and our teachers are committed to building positive, respectful and reciprocal relationships.


Our Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki, aspires that children will “grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.” Te Whāriki is made up of Principles, Strands and Goals. The local curriculum and the emergent curriculum are integrated to provide a successful learning journey for your child. Learning will happen throughout the day on an individual basis as well as a small group and whole group experience. Our daily programme has been created to incorporate the local and emergent curriculum and to ensure an exciting learning journey for your child. Please see our Planning Boards and feel free to add any comments to the plan and discuss any ideas with the teachers. We also value and encourage parent feedback on Educa.


“Children experience an environment where they are affirmed as individuals”

– Te Whariki


We value children’s learning and we use Educa to keep evidence of each child’s individual Learning Pathway whilst attending Pebbles.  Educa is an online source for you to view your child’s learning, photo’s and any updates of the latest interests and happenings in each room. This is a great tool for teachers and family/whānau to use and is very user friendly. We encourage you to add your comments and ideas to your child's Learning Pathway. We appreciate your input and value your say.Family members from all around the world can now be updated with your child’s learning journey, once you have accepted the Educa invitation and confirmed the email address. You can even download the app on your mobile phone to check the latest updates. Please feel free to encourage your family members to add any comments, we love to hear from you!

The Building

The traditional villa has been carefully renovated to maximise the indoor/outdoor flow and to provide adequate space to implement the planned and emergent curriculum and the prepared environment. All core curriculum areas have been thoughtfully catered for and are available for the children at any time. The property has been renovated to 100% building code and is extremely safe for children, a strong perimeter fence surrounds the garden area and a security system has been installed. All access gates to the centre are totally secure and can only be opened by adults. We aim for a “home from home” experience for children and their families.


Please dress your child “ready for action!” They will be busy all day and do not want to be limited in any way by their clothing. Whilst art aprons will be worn for messy work, clothes will still get dirty. Please dress your child in named, suitable clothes that they can manage independently. Please always bring two changes of named clothes for your child every day. Please ensure your child has a named sunhat and a warm jacket every day. If your child loves carpentry, they will need to wear ‘closed in’ shoes whilst at the carpentry table.

Teachers and Supervision

All staff have been carefully selected for their dedication to excellence in Early Childhood Education and embrace our Policies and Procedures at Pebbles. There is always a Person Responsible on site who is fully trained and has a first aid certificate. We prefer the child/staff ratios on site to be 1:8 for the 3-5 year olds, 1:6 for the 2-3 year olds and 1:4 for the under twos. Off site our ratios are a minimum of 1:4


Please contact the centre if your child is going to be absent. All absences will be charged at the full rate. We are not open on public holidays and there will be no charge. All families can take a three week holiday at a 50% reduction on fees each year. 

20 Hours ECE

All three and four year olds are entitled to 20 hours early childhood education (ECE) per week. The Ministry of Education have a three week rule: if a child is absent for three continuous weeks the 20 ECE subsidy will stop. This includes holidays and sickness. If this happens then the centre will charge the family at the full rate.


Collecting your child

If a person arrives to collect your child whose name is not on your enrolment form, then we are obliged (for your child’s safety) to keep your child in our care until you have been located for consent. To save embarrassment for all concerned, we would appreciate prior notification from you on this matter.

Signing your child in and out

Each day when you arrive and when you collect your child, it is essential that you sign your child in on the daily IPad. We need to know that your child has arrived and has gone home safely. Please remember to keep to your booked times to ensure we are operating within Ministry of Education guidelines regarding staff ratios. It is a Ministry of Education requirement that a weekly attendance register is signed by the parent or caregiver, which will be located next to the IPad.

Parent Noticeboard and Parent Library

Please see the Parent Information Noticeboard in the signing in area for all relevant and recent information regarding Pebbles and Early Childhood Education. Amongst other relevant information on the noticeboard you will find a copy of The Regulations 2008 and the Licensing Criteria for Early Childhood Education and Care Centres 2008. Please let us know if you like to view these. The Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whariki, Pebbles Montessori Policies and Procedures, ERO reports and details of the expenditure of any Ministry of Education funding received by the centre. 



We will celebrate every birthday and for your child's 5th birthday we will invite parents and whānau to join the celebration and bring in a healthy treat to share. The birthday child will be made to feel very important on their special day and will have a birthday entry on Educa.



Our staff are trained to deal with all emergencies. In the case of a serious accident involving your child the teachers will contact you immediately. In a civil emergency the staff will remain at the centre until all children are collected or they will go to the Civil Defence Assemble Point and will inform all parents of their whereabouts via the whiteboard and a sign on the front gate.



The children will experience trips in our community on a regular basis. The ratios when out on a trip will be a minimum of 1:4. There will always be two teachers on every trip. Other excursions and any trips involving transport will require a permission slip. To support our local curriculum we aim for regular trips and parents will be encouraged to come along and help. Please see the Centre Manager if you are able to help, the trip will be displayed on the whiteboard and via Educa.


Photos and Advertising


Photographs and videos can be taken of the children for Pebbles use only. Parents will be asked to sign the enrolment form to allow their child’s photos to appear on our website and in the newsletter. Our facebook entries will have no facial recognition photos of any child.




Each centre has a complaints procedure displayed on the noticeboard in the entrance. If you have any concerns or problems please approach the Centre Manager and they will be happy to assist you with your concerns. Alternatively, address your concerns or complaint in writing to PO Box 28069, Beckenham.

Health and Medical Conditions

Health and medical conditions of your child must be provided on the enrolment form. Medication will only be administered to your child with prior written consent of the parent/caregiver. All children who need medical treatment on a regular basis, including asthmatics, will be on a medication plan which needs to be renewed every three months.


Review and Evaluation

All Policies and Procedures are available on Educa, and will be reviewed according to the Policy Review Schedule. Parents, whānau and all teachers at the centre will be invited to contribute to the review process.  We want to provide the best possible care for your child and will be constantly evaluating ourselves in order to achieve this. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything at all you are concerned about or think we should know. You can discuss with the teachers, email or call us at any time.

“Education is not preparation
for life, education is life itself.”

– John Dewey

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